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Medium Jay Lane and Bertrand Productions are excited to present popup psychic medium readings by Jay Lane at various locations throughout Sudbury and beyond. You just never know when spirit will find you out and about. Find out where Jay will be next by signing up below.

About Laneway to Spirit

Join Jay and Bernie on their journey as it unfolds on LANEWAY TO SPIRIT!

We’ll announce a filming location via this site and other Social Media platforms. You’ll be there if you’re meant to be!

Anyone is welcome to join us on location. There is no need to register or to pay for anything. There is nothing to prepare for, you just need to show up. Off-the-cuff chats and on-the-spot readings. See you at our next location. Sign up to be notified where we’ll be next.

WARNING: These episodes may cause side effects of tears, laughter, hugs and closure!

Where we were

Northern Ontario Railroad Museum & Heritage Centre

On Friday, September 27th we visited the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre.  Filled with very touching moments, Jay has beautiful messages for a lucky few.

Season 1, Episode 4    |    19min

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Meet Medium Jay Lane & Bernie Bertrand

Medium Jay Lane

Medium Jay Lane

Bernie Bertrand

Bernie Bertrand

As is common when collaborating, it started with an idea. How could a gifted medium and a talented videographer use their abilities to make a difference in the world? When Jay met Bernie, she recognized immediately his innate talent with the camera and he recognized a soul commited to helping others. Together, they created Laneway to Spirit, a show committed to providing relief from grief for people that are looking for closure. Once a week, a location is chosen and a lucky few will receive a message from a loved one letting them know they are never alone.

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Want to know more about Laneway to Spirit. Let us know what’s on your mind and your ideas for our next episode. We love the creative spirit inherent in everyone, so give us a shout about your idea.

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Laneway to Spirit

If you want Jay and Bernie to host LANEWAY TO SPIRIT at your location, please contact them below and provide details of your request. We’d be happy to hear from you!

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